Tasting menu

For your private events, with more than ten guests, we propose three different kind of menu. The tasting menu will give you the opportunity to choose three courses, including dessert, chosen from our à la carte menu.

Sparkling wine for welcome guests. Three courses, including dessert, chosen from our à la carte menu.
Dishes must be the same for all diners.
The tasting menu includes a bottle of wine every four people, coffee and the Italian amaro.

€ 75,00 per person

Our menu


  • Leeks pie with Reggiano Parmesan fondue
  • “Coccoli” fried dough with raw ham and stracchino cheese
  • Sheep and cow cheese with chestnut leaves and Cremona mustard
  • Chicken liver terrine with hazelnuts praline and red fruits jus
  • Eggplant parmesan millefeuille
  • Iberico raw ham with “pan y tomato”
  • Burrata cheese with black truffle
  • Handmade spring roll with spicy mayonnaise
  • Cantabrico anchovies and Normandy butter
  • Tirreno raw scampi with grapefruit mayonnaise
  • Red prawns tartare with sour cream and bread crumble

First course

  • Pacchero with “datterino” tomatoes cream and 24 months Parmesan
  • Potatoes tortelli with Chianina ragout
  • Tagliolini with black truffle
  • “Cacio & pepe” handmade gnocchi with red prawns tartare
  • Linguine with Cantabrico anchovies, crispy bread and lime
  • Linguine with clams and mullet bottarga
  • Pici with bacon, white onions, pecorino cheese

Main course

  • Croatian “Scottona” Florentine steak
  • Grilled beef fillet
  • Green pepper beef fillet
  • Beef tartare
  • Beef “tagliata” with Santa Barbara rosemary
  • Duck breast with red fruit jus
  • Veal “milanese” with cherry tomatoes
  • Codfish with chickpeas and garlic mayonaise

Side dish

  • Roasted potatoes with sage and rosemary
  • Extra virgin olive oil chickpeas
  • Spinach with garlic
  • Mixed green salad


  • Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate or berries cheese cake
  • Yogurt ice cream, cacao crumble and passion fruit jus
  • Tiramisù
  • Mascarpone cream
  • Hazelnut semifreddo with maldon salt, peanut brittle
  • Modica chocolate and rhum
  • Cantuccini e Vin Santo
  • Fresh fruit in composition

Kids meu

0-3 years per consumption
3-7 years € 35,00 per child
7-14 years € 50,00 per child

Choice between pasta with tomato / oil and Parmesan / ragout
Choice between burgers and chips / cutlet and chips

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