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The past and the future of cuisine

Citrarium restaurant is the result of the passion for ancient flavors and experimentation in the kitchen, carried out by our brigade of chefs, sous chefs, commis, and all the waitstaff. A perfectly balanced mix between past and future that, every day, gives life to memorable dishes.

The elegance of a unique place

Housed in the restored old greenhouses of Villa Le Fontanelle, Citrarium is a unique place suspended between past and present. Here you can taste typical Tuscan dishes revisited in a modern way. The environment, the care of the service, and the love we put every day into our work will win you over.

The Chef

Born in Florence, Andrea Ciappi began his journey in the cooking universe, using every moment as a pretext to experiment, research, and match flavors. In the beginning for fun, then turning it into his own business. Over the years, with sacrifice, passion, and determination he has trained in the kitchen of his first restaurant Terrazza 45, in Fiesole. After ten years, he began a new project and curated the opening of the Citrarium Restaurant of Villa Le Fontanelle, the family business.

The constant research and passion for cooking, products, new flavors, and the ability to create exceptional combinations with wines, have led him today to be Executive Chef of Citrarium. However, his desire to experiment in the kitchen is far from saturated, and everyday influences from the world are interwoven in his dishes.

Discover the Citrarium experience

The restaurant will welcome you to a timeless place where you can taste new and ancient flavors, enjoying a spectacular view of the city of Florence.

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